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Our Business

Our Projects (Infrastructure, Civil Engineering and Energy) Trading & Commodities, Finance & Insurance division offers multiple services to clients globally. These include the Private, Corporate and Government sectors with advice/information and implementation. These divisions have been growing with partnerships in which we have years of accumulated know-how as a trading company at our core.

Presently and in the future, our company will further accelerate the expansion of the scale of our business not only in the UAE, but also in the MENA/GCC region, Europe, African and ASEAN countries and markets which maintain high economic rates of growth and return on investment.

Finance & Insurance

Within our financial activities, we structure funding for specific projects, to include infrastructure, commodity trading and trade finance.

Trading & Commodities

The Trading and Commodities division focuses on opportunities of supply to the Private and Government sectors to include agriculture services, foods, metals, minerals and petroleum products.

We structure, facilitate and implement with prospective JV partner companies, various opportunities and investments, in industry, power and energy, water and civil engineering projects to contribute not only to economic growth in target countries and regions but to society as a whole.


For trading and marketing, the division operates trade in the sale of oil and Petroleum products and LPG through an infrastructure of vessels and tankers involved in global networks.

We trade in LPG, Naphtha, Fuel Oil and other refined and blended product including Bitumen.

Power Projects & Infrastructure

The Power Projects & Infrastructure Segment is engaged in power, roads, rail and water and is focused on activities that contribute to the social and economic growth of the countries and regions where it operates as a major contributor to worldwide public infrastructure projects.

Existing and new opportunities including photovoltaics, LED and other new businesses are vigorously being pursued. www.mihlighting.com

The division is further strengthening its strong regional marketing base for overseas Petroleum and LPG sales, EPC for overseas power, water and other projects, and renewable energy businesses, and partnering with major EPC contractors to undertake project development and execution, which include EPC cost analysis and procurement abilities, plant operations, project financing services, and risk management responsiveness.

In this way, we are further raising our profile as a global player, with the aim of becoming a partner that establishes a mutually beneficial relationship with valued clients worldwide that surpasses their expectations.

The Companies objective is to expand upon long-term stability and profitability in our core businesses, including power and water, as well as the trading of fuel and Petroleum products.

We will focus our efforts on the expansion of our business scale, the diversification of our businesses, and the improvement of asset efficiency by enhancing the operations and management of existing assets and projects in competitive markets.

Aviation Services

As MARIBEL has extensive interests in many African countries and its senior management have enjoyed over 30 years of successful business transactions in Africa in the supplies, services and projects arena. Africa’s potential and need in upgrading or build and equip existing or new airports are apparent.

MARIBEL has extended its focus into the AVIATION AND GROUND SUPPORT SERVICES sector in Africa to cover this contingency. In order to support and actively participate in the opportunities that present itself, MARIBEL and its partner companies in Qatar and Sudan, Messer’s, Al Maha and Safari Qatar Services have substantial links into manufactures and suppliers and EPC contractors, who together with MARIBEL will offer its substantial services to our many clients, such as Airport Authorities, Airlines and the support services industry.

Our services extend to design and build of terminals, equipping terminals to a complete turnkey status, to include all security requirements, baggage handling and in the supply and implementation of all airside ground support equipment. The range of equipment is of EU, USA, Japanese, India, China, Brazil and other origins.

For further information kindly refer to the following document: Aviation Services