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About MIH Lighting

MIH Lighting has been in the LED business for over 6 years and has successfully undertaken projects in a number of countries, these include Government/Council projects and tenders, power companies, property developers and 5 star hotels. We specialise in unusual and large scale projects, which includes new build, retro-fits, upgrades and projects such as stadiums, show rooms, shopping malls, ports, airports, outdoor and internal lighting applications. Our clients are in the hospitality and corporate/commercial property arena including architects, contractors, Ministries and power companies.

Our product range is extensive and includes all types of popular commercial and interior lighting, from bulbs to High Bays, decorative, outdoor lighting such as facade lighting, street lighting, public places and specialist explosion proof lighting for hazardous facilities, oil rigs, etc. LED lighting is highly diverse with a wide range of styles to suit all types of environments. Consequently, our range changes regularly with new technology and designs being introduced by us into the market. Accordingly, our website does not reflect in its entirety our complete product range.

We offer a unique service to clients in designing LED lighting solutions to optimise in their required specific application, brightness, colour temperature, beam angles and to keep within budget constraints without compromising on quality. It is imperative that the application in which LED’s are used are correctly applied, to ensure quality, longevity of the product and energy efficiency. Our products are to Australian and other main international standard certifications (C-TICK, TUV, CE, UL and/or other such as ATEX directive for explosion proof lighting when applicable). Subject to the project our products carry an extended warranty policy.

LED is deemed as a green solution to energy saving and in the reduction in consumption of electricity. Due to their long lifespan, the usage and cost of man hours to service LEDs against that of the usual incandescent lights are drastically reduced, thus a cost saving on servicing overheads and operations. As LEDs produce very little heat than t Halogen and other lighting systems, lower heat loads are imposed on air conditioning systems, consequently substantial electricity usage is reduced.

For larger projects we work closely with our clients, particularly on pricing, ROI (return on investment) time lines and in the optimisation of illumination for the specific captioned area, in order to provide a lasting impression of quality and pride in our work ethic.